2.1 VFR Programming Keywords

The following keywords constitute the working set of commands for the VFR language. An example line of VFR code follows each keyword description to help programmers understand how a sample such code should look.

// (comment marker)

This allows a programmer to leave comments in the VFR file. They have no effect on the IFR binary that is generated. Example:
// this is a typical comment marker


This command is used to assign a meaningful name to a constant, and is very similar in function to the 'C' style. Example:
#define FORMSET_GUID {0xA04A27f4,0xDF00,0x4D42,0xB5,0x52,0x39,0x51,0x13,0x02,0x11,0x3D}


This command tells the VFR compiler to use the contents of a file as part of the source to compile. Example:
#include "C:\Source\DriverSampleStrDefs.h"