9 Driver Binding Protocol

The Driver Binding Protocol provides services to do the following:
  • Connect a driver to a controller.
  • Disconnect a driver from a controller.
UEFI drivers following the UEFI driver model are required to implement the Driver Binding Protocol. This requirement includes the following drivers:
  • Device drivers
  • Bus drivers
  • Hybrid drivers
Root bridge driver, service drivers, and initializing drivers do not produce this protocol.
The Driver Binding Protocol is the most important protocol that a driver produces. It is the one protocol used by the UEFI boot services ConnectController() and DisconnectController(). These UEFI boot services are used by the UEFI boot manager to connect the console and boot devices required to boot an operating system. The implementation of the Driver Binding Protocol varies depending upon the driver's category. Chapter 6 of this guide describes the various driver categories.