30 Building UEFI Drivers
This chapter provides an overview of how to compile and link a UEFI Driver in an EDK II build environment to produce a UEFI conformant UEFI Driver image that may be loaded and executed on a UEFI conformant platform. The steps required include:
    Create an EDK II package, if required, for the UEFI Driver
    Create directory for UEFI Driver in an existing EDK II package.
    Add INF file and all source files to UEFI Driver directory.
    Add file path to INF file to EDK II package DSC file.
    Build UEFI Driver using the EDK II build tool called build.exe.
    Locate UEFI Driver in the build output directory specified by DSC file.
For detailed information, refer to the EDK II Build Specification on www.tianocore.orgwww.tianocore.org
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