30 Building UEFI Drivers

This chapter provides an overview of how to compile and link a UEFI Driver in an EDK II build environment to produce a UEFI conformant UEFI Driver image that may be loaded and executed on a UEFI conformant platform. The steps required include:

  • Create an EDK II package, if required, for the UEFI Driver

  • Create directory for UEFI Driver in an existing EDK II package.

  • Add INF file and all source files to UEFI Driver directory.

  • Add file path to INF file to EDK II package DSC file.

  • Build UEFI Driver using the EDK II build tool called build.exe.

  • Locate UEFI Driver in the build output directory specified by DSC file.

For detailed information, refer to the EDK II Build Specification on www.tianocore.orgwww.tianocore.org‚Äč