18.7 PCI Option ROM Images

The EDK II provides tools to aide in the development of UEFI drivers for PCI adapters. Once UEFI Driver(s) for a PCI adapter are built, they need to be packaged into PCI option ROM compatible image format. UEFI drivers stored in PCI option ROMs are automatically loaded and executed by the PCI bus driver during PCI enumeration.
The EDK II tools provide two methods to generate a PCI Option ROM image. These are the EfiRom utility and the EDK II INF/FDF file syntax.
Using the build command, each allows a UEFI Driver developer to describe how UEFI Drivers should be packaged into a PCI Option ROM image as part of the standard EDK II build process.
Use either PCI Option ROM image with a PROM programmer or a flash update utility to reprogram the PCI option ROM container on a PCI adapter.