10.3 UEFI Driver Model Driver

If the UEFI Driver follows the UEFI Driver Model, the Service Binding Protocol is installed in the Driver Binding Protocol Start() function and uninstalled in the Driver Binding Protocol Stop() function. This use case is covered in detail in the Service Binding Protocol section of the UEFI Specification and includes pseudo-code for implementations of the CreateChild() and DestroyChild() services. The EDK II also provides the following complete implementations of the Service Binding Protocol in drivers that follow the UEFI Driver Model:
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\MnpDxe
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\ArpDxe
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Ip4Dxe
  • NetworkPkg\Ip6Dxe
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Tcp4Dxe
  • NetworkPkg\TcpDxe
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Udp4Dxe
  • NetworkPkg\Udp6Dxe
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Mtftp4Dxe
  • NetworkPkg\Mtftp6Dxe
  • MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Dhcp4Dxe
  • NetworkPkg\Dhcp6Dxe