C.2 ACPI Table Contents

There are three types of tables supported. Standard Static Tables, Differentiated System Description Table (DSDT), Secondary System Description Table (SSDT). The standard static tables have a defined structure in the ACPI specification. The contents of the DSDT and SSDT are described in this specification.

C.2.1 DSDT Contents

DSDT is a mandatory fixed table that is pointed to by the FADT (Fixed ACPI Description Table).

C.2.1.1 Stage IV Build

Stage IV is intended to have the minimum configuration to boot a platform with basic features and minimal set of devices enabled. Similarly ACPI implementation should have a minimal framework implemented for ACPI compliant OS.
The DSDT in this case should have a root and system bus defined. In addition to that, the DSDT will have device scopes for all the devices present in the minimum platform required packages (Section 8.1.1).

C.2.1.2 Stage VI Build

In this case, DSDT will include the following Device scopes and objects:
  1. 1.
    Device scopes for all PCI devices that need an ACPI component
  2. 2.
    Global NVS area region defined
  3. 3.
    Interrupt routing (_PRT method)