B.2 Test Point Check Infrastructure

Today's platforms are tested against several test suites such as Chipsec, Windows Hardware Security Test Infrastructure (HSTI), Windows Hardware Logo Kit (HLK), Linux UEFI Validation (LUV), and others. However, platforms may have platform-specific requirements not covered by test suites enforcing specification or general hardware compliance. The Test Point Check infrastructure is intended to test that actions such as MTRRs are configured correctly, FV HOBs are reported properly, no 3rd party options ROMs are executed before allowed, MemoryTypeInformation is reported correctly, and any other custom logic that platform implementer considers appropriate based on the platform requirements.
The Test Point infrastructure is supported by two primary libraries, TestPointLib and TestPointCheckLib. TestPointLib reports test results via the ADAPTER_INFO_PLATFORM_TEST_POINT structure defined below. The test result is validated in the TestPointCheckLib.
typedef struct {
UINT32 Version;
UINT32 Role;
CHAR16 ImplementationID[256];
UINT32 FeaturesSize;
//UINT8 FeaturesImplemented[]; <- PCD set to define features
//UINT8 FeaturesVerified[]; <- PCD read and set to determine features verified
//CHAR16 ErrorString[];
Test Point Check Infrastructure

Figure 11 Test Point Check Infrastructure