4.11 Stage Enabling Checklist

The following steps should be followed to enable a platform for Stage II.

  1. Update GenerationOpenBoardPkg/BoardXXX

    1. Add Board boot mode detection code in BoardBootModeDetect (), BoardXXX/BoardInitLib/PeiBoardXXXInitPreMemoryLib.c.

      1. The boot mode can be hardcoded. It should reflect actual

        functionality based upon the feature, such as S3 (silicon register),

        Capsule (variable), Recovery (GPIO).

    2. Add Board pre-memory initialization code in BoardInitBeforeMemoryInit () and BoardInitAfterMemoryInit (), BoardXXX/BoardInitLib/PeiBoardXXXInitPreMemLib.c.

      1. It initializes board specific hardware devices, such as GPIO.

      2. It also updates pre-memory policy configuration by using PCD

    3. Add Board policy update code in SiliconPolicyUpdatePreMemory (), BoardXXX/PeiSiliconPolicyUpdateLib/PeiBoardXXXInitPreMemoryLib.c.

      1. The PCD updated in BoardInitBeforeMemoryInit () might be used here.

  2. Ensure all PCDs in the configuration section (DSC files) are correct for your board.

    1. Set gMinPlatformPkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdBootStage = 2

  3. Ensure all required binaries in the flash file (FDF files) are correct for your board.

  4. Boot, collect log, verify test point results defined in section 4.9 are correct.