1 Introduction

This specification details the required and optional elements for an EDK II based platform design with the following objectives:

  1. Define a structure that enables developers to consistently navigate source

    code, execution flow, and the functional results of bootstrapping a system.

  2. Enable a minimal platform where minimal is defined as the minimal firmware

    implementation required to produce a basic solution that can be further

    extended to meet a multitude of client, server, and embedded market needs.

  3. Minimize coupling between common, silicon, platform, and board packages.

  4. Enable large granularity binary solutions.

A key aspect of these objectives is to improve the transparency and security quality across the client, server, and embedded ecosystems.

This document assumes a working knowledge of the EDK II and UEFI Specifications. The minimal platform defined supports the use of Intel® Firmware Support Package (FSP), but does not require usage of the Intel® FSP API. The minimal platform is binary component oriented, but designed to enable a highly optimized form for embedded boot loaders.