Special Characters

  1. Special Characters

The following EBNF describes the different special characters and operator sequences that may be present in the EDK II meta-data specification elements. In the following, values on the right side of the := character sequence that start with 0x are the hexadecimal character values.


<Tab> := 0x09
<Space> := 0x20
<TabSpace> := {<Tab>} {<Space>}
<TS> := <TabSpace>*
<MTS> := <TabSpace>+
<CR> := 0x0D
<LF> := 0x0A
<CRLF> := <CR> <LF>
<WhiteSpace> := {<TS>} {<CR>} {<LF>} {<CRLF>}
<EOL> := <TS> <CRLF>
<WS> := <WhiteSpace>\*
<Eq> := <TS> "=" <TS>
<FieldSeparator> := "|"
<FS> := <TS> <FieldSeparator> <TS>
<Wildcard> := "*"
<CommaSpace> := "," <Space>*
<Cs> := "," <Space>*
<DblQuote> := 0x22
<FileSep> := "/"

Parameter Definitions


The DOS End Of Line: "0x0D 0x0A" character sequence must be used for all EDK II meta-data files. All *Nix based tools can properly process the DOS EOL characters. Microsoft based tools cannot process the *Nix style EOL characters.


FileSep refers to either the back slash "\" or forward slash "/" characters that are used to separate directory names. All EDK II meta-data files must use the "/" forward slash character when specifying the directory portion of a filename. Microsoft operating systems, that normally use a back slash character for separating directory names, will interpret the forward slash character correctly.