Appendix E NT32 Platform Emulation

The NT32Pkg provides a platform emulation environment that executes on windows platform. The EDK II build program is used to start the emulation environment after it has been built. The Nt32Pkg\Nt32Pkg.dsc file has been modified to also build a version that will run on 64-bit versions of Windows. The architectural modifier, -a, of the build.exe command is used to enable this option.
Prior to building the platform: Nt32Pkg\Nt32Pkg.dsc, the user may want to modify PCD settings in the file. The following PCDs control the mappings of your system environment to the emulation environment.
This maps the serial port to COM1 or COM2 (if COM1 is not available).
This shows the location of the shell applications.
PcdWinNtGop|L"UGA Window 1!UGA Window 2"|VOID*|50
This defines label for the two windows that are started.
PcdWinNtConsole|L"Bus Driver Console Window"|VOID*|50
This defines label for the windows that are started.
This defines the max and block sizes for the virtual disk drive that is created.
This defines the memory available for the emulator in megabytes.
This defines the available storage devices that must be present at startup, A:, D: and J: - you may want to change the drive letters to match the development environment - note that you must not use the C: drive, as you could inadvertently wipe it out.
PcdWinNtUga|L"UGA Window 1!UGA Window 2"|VOID*|50
This defines label for the two windows that are started