4.6 File Specifications
The EDK II Build is used to generate UEFI and PI compliant images. Additional reference modules may conform to Intel Framework Specifications only if there are no applicable UEFI or PI specification modules.
The EDK II Build Tools will only generate UEFI/PI compliant images.
This build specification does not cover the tools or build processes for EDK builds nor tools provide by the EDK II Compatibility Package.
The binary image files generated at the end of the $(MAKE) stage conform to the UEFI Images section of the UEFI specification. UEFI uses a subset of the PE32+ image format with a modified header signature. The PE32/PE32+ files are modified by the GenFw application.
Note: This application will also modify an ELF image and generate a PE32/PE32+ image.
Each PE32/PE32+ file will have sections of the original "DOS Header" over-written, a new NT_HEADER (for the PeHeader) and possibly one Optional Header for 32-bit or 64-bit options.
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