ASLR – Address Space Layout Randomization.

BDA - BIOS Data Area.

CSM – Compatibility Support Module.

DEP – Data Execution Protection.

EBDA - Extended BIOS Data Area

HOB – Hand off block. See [PI].

MMIO – Memory Mapped I/O.

NX – No Execution. See DEP.

PE/COFF – Portable Executable and Common Object File Format. The executable file format for UEFI.

ROP - Return-oriented programming

RO – Read Only.

RW – Read/Write.

PCD – Platform configuration database. See [PI].

PF – Page Fault Exception.

PI – Platform Initialization. Volume 1-5 of the UEFI PI specifications.

SPI – Serial Peripheral Interface.

TSS - Task-state segment. See [IA32 SDM].

UEFI – Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. Firmware interface between the platform and the operating system. Predominate interfaces are in the boot services (BS) or pre-OS. Few runtime (RT) services.

VTd – Virtualization for Directed IO. See [VTd]

WP – Write Protect.

XD – Execution Disable. See DEP.

XP – Execution Protected. See DEP.